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An Every Sunday Christian
“Don’t stop meeting together with other believers,which some people have gotten into the habit of doing.” (Hebrews 10:25)
Doesn’t that seem like an odd title? Isn’t a Christian an every Sunday church goer? Actually, church attendance has been an issue since the first century. Perhaps it is getting worse. In today’s world, the church has to compete with too many other activities on Sunday morning; not to mention our laziness. The above picture is a screen slide from an evangelism conference I attended not long ago. It make you think doesn’t it? How much do we have to love God to call ourselves Christians? Enough to have a prayer life? Enough to attend church every week we are in town and well? Enough to read and study the Bible? Do we really love God or is it just something we’re into right now because most of our friends are into it? While I was away last week, I attended a training in a church in Fort Worth. I noticed their mission statement hanging on the wall, covering a ten foot by six foot area. The mission statement began: “Making fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ . . .” Wow! You mean a disciple of Jesus can be half committed? Apparently so, because most of the churches are half empty on Sunday mornings in today’s world. Now we hear words like “Nominal Christian” and “Christian Atheist”. For this reason, the Central Texas Conference has set some Wildly Important Goals for 2018, and the first one is – you guessed it – to increase worship attendance by 5% across the 350+- churches in our conference. Bishop Lowry says that an increase in average worship attendance means more people engaged in outreach mission of justice and mercy for the hungry, hurting, and homeless. It will have a direct correlation to an increase in giving thus enabling both basic discipleship development and greater outreach for others. It usually means the church is reaching more people, younger people, and more diverse people with the Gospel. An increase in average worship attendance develops a greater commitment to the whole Gospel. Will you make being An Every Sunday Christian your goal for 2018?Â
Blessings, Pastor Harrell

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