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It is Monday morning; rain steadily falls, slowly soaking into the parched dry earth. I can almost hear all of creation express a deep drawn out ah…, relief has come. I still have Sunday’s sermon on my mind, The Parables of the Lost. Relief came when the shepherd found his lost sheep and the woman found her lost coin. All the angels of God rejoice when one who is lost is found. There is a big sigh of relief when the search is over, when that which was lost is found, when that which was missing has returned. It could be a sheep, a coin, a Thailand soccer team, rain, cooler temperatures, or even an absent church member. We tend to focus on ourselves. It is our self-centered nature. But to God it has to do with completeness. When one is missing God’s family is incomplete. The returned sheep makes the fold complete. If you are a church member who has been missing church, we are incomplete without you. Joy comes when the missing returns. The angels of God rejoice. God throws a party in heaven. All of heaven expresses a deep drawn out ah…, relief has come. My family member has returned. My family is complete again.
On August 19th we will have a Rally Sunday, a Back to Church Sunday, or whatever you want to call it. We are asking every church member and regular attendee to make the commitment to be here. We are asking each church member to be intentional about inviting people to church. We hope to have “A One Great Day of Joining” for those who have shown interest in our church. Our Third Sunday Lunch will follow the worship service and we hope everyone will stay and join us for food and fellowship. It will be a great day. The angels of God will rejoice. God will let out a joyous ah…, my church is full.
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